Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jim Comments on John Commenting on John Commentaries

After I saw this post from Desiring God come up in my RSS reader, I was eager to compare the books I’m using with the books John Piper is using. Piper started preaching through the Gospel of John a few weeks after I did, but has been on writing sabbatical for a few weeks. I am eager for him to pick up where he left off in chapter 2. You can listen to or download his series here. You can find my series here. If you compare, remember--He's Piper, I'm not.

When I began our Sunday night series on Nehemiah, I posted a list of commentaries and resources that have been helpful to me my studies. Since I started this blog after I started the series in John, I wasn't able to do that for this series. Piper’s post has reminded me of that. I was pleased to see that he and I are “dipping into” two of the same resources—D. A. Carson and Andreas Kostenberger. I have had the Ridderbos commentary in my Amazon shopping cart for months, but have yet to purchase it. Piper’s comments will probably push me over the edge. His comments regarding older commentaries is particularly poignant.

Here are the main commentaries I am currently using:

John: The Gospel of Belief the Analytic Study of the Text

The Gospel According to John: An Introduction and Commentary (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

The Gospel According to John (New International Commentary on the New Testament)

John (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament)

John 1-11: New Testament Commentary (Macarthur New Testament Commentary Serie)

John 12-21 (Macarthur New Testament Commentary Serie)

Gospel of John, The (5 Vol. Set)

Living Water: Studies in John 4

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